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  2. August 3, 2011 9:55 pm

Market Samurai is one of the best selling keyword and niche research tools used by most internet marketers today. It is one of the most well rounded tools to provide you keyword research in the specific area of market competition, PPC advertising, and SEO. If you haven’t tried this amazing tool yet don’t miss out on this Market Samurai Free Trial.

Market Samurai Free Trial Dashboard

The ability to look into and research keywords are made simple with Market Samurai. You can also save this information very easily while working. It includes other tools for doing research on social networks, affiliate resourcing and comes with a few other tools for marketing. It is one of the most affordable tools and all around software available for the price.

Each Market Samurai module has its specific use, but you will find that the use of the Keyword Research, SEO Competition and Rank Tracker modules give you the most out of the entire program day in and day out. I will give you a brief run down on how they work.

Market Samurai Keyword Research

When looking to create a certain niche website, it is imperative that you find the right keywords to be successful. It is obvious you will want to use the most competitive words with the least amount of competition. If keywords have too much competition, your site will probably never rank for them. For starters, you will first need to figure out what keyword you can use to describe your business and then enter it and then you simply hit the Generate Keywords button and Market Samurai will return a list of results of keywords that match your seed word. You can then filter this list by using a variety of different criteria to get the best match possible.

Market Samurai Keyword Competition

When you find the best keywords, You then will want to look at them in more depth by using the SEO competition module. When this tool is in use, it finds the top 10 results for the keyword of choice and gives you a grid of ranking factors for your keyword with the factors for SEO. The factors include the number of back links and keyword in title, the domain age, and Google PageRank. Market Samurai shows color coded grids, so you can just skim over it and see how hard or easy it will be for your keywords to rank. Green=easy, Yellow=average, and Red=difficult. So if, the grid is filled with green cells, then it is apparent that you can easily rank for this keyword with no difficulties what so ever.

Market Samurai Free Trial SEO Competition

Market Samurai Rank Tracker

When you figure out a keyword that works and optimize your website for that keyword, you will then want to keep track of how well your site is ranking with that specific keyword. Now you are ready to put the rank tracker to use. All you have to do is enter a list of words for the domain you want to search and Market Samurai will go out and find them. You then can select the search engines you want to search in, and Market Samurai will look into each one and give you a report of where your domain ranks for each keyword.

You’ll also see the real time web page URL on the domain that is ranking, along with its PR. The Rank Tracker can also keep track of your sites search engine rankings and the number of back links. You can view stats to see how much your site has improved over time.

With the above mentioned, i am sure you can tell that this software is very powerful for marketers and is functional on both the Mac and PC platforms so you can take your marketing ideas anywhere there is a computer.

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