Evergreen Business System Review

  1. DiscountCode
  2. August 11, 2011 8:10 pm

Product: EverGreen Business System

Type: Software

Developed by: Mike Filsaime + Hector Yague

Cost: $497 ($1 Trial August 11, 2011 Only)

Release Date: Tuesday August 2nd, 2011

Today we received an invitation from Mike Filsaime to explore the new Evergreen Busines System, which is in actuality Webinar Generator 2 but automated. The original software was created and developed by a programmer from Spain named Hector Yague. Mike then put his own twist on it and brought it up to date with today’s standards. Let’s begin our EverGreen Business System review.

Product: Evergreen Business System


Evergreen Business System is the latest software that can make use of the power of webinars to produce sales. The software basically lets you record a video and shows it to your viewers as if the whole thing is live on the spot. The software is focused on solving the 3 main problems that webinar users encounter which are:

1. Being present online: The software lets you set your video up and leave the rest solely up to the software.

2. You are speaking to a forum: Unless you are precise in the delivery of your presentation, people will most likely leave your webinar and not return. Recorded video enables you to fix your video as much as it is needed until your your presentation is pretty much perfect.

3. Technical Problems: anyone that has held a webinar has encountered some sort of technical malfunction. For instance, something could happen with the sound equipment. With recorded video, this will not happen.

Highlights of Evergreen Business System:

- You can enable the software to let the webinar play at any given time of the day, once or several times daily or on specific dates in the future.

- You can set the time of the webinar to a specific time zone according to your audience or to your own.

- You can block certain days out of the year like holidays so that the webinar will not be active on these days.

- Templates for your registration page that are popular amongst your visitors. All you have to do to complete this is fill in some basic info on a form and its done. If you are a designer, all you have to do is add your own HTML code, and you are finished.

- You can remind all of your registered users with a simple text message prior to the start of your webinar.

- A ready made page that tells your users Thank you and keeps track of all of their data and informs them of the time of the upcoming webinar if they happen to log in too early. At this time, they will find a greeting video with the approximate time of the webinar. You also have the ability to go viral with your webinar by telling your visitors you will throw in a bonus if they refer people to your webinars registration page.

- When a user registers for your webinar, they will input some basic information that will automatically add them to your mailing list’s also to the automated notifications that send alerts via email reminding them of the event automatically.

- Your webinar will play automatically when the timer counts down to zero.

- The video does not have any controls to pause or rewind the video, so it’s just like its playing as live.

- One of the key features of the software is that it will not refresh the page to the beginning of the video if someone joins late.

- Another neat feature is if you don’t have that many people registered, and you don’t want it to seem like you are not doing well with having followers then you can make up your own fake follow list with names next to the real registered users. They can even be in different locations around the world if you desire.

- When the webinar begins, the number of participants will gradually go up as if they are really logging in at that time.

- One of the best features that you have at hand is the ability to have live questions come to you via email during your webinar that you can give a response. Your answers will show up at the bottom of the page like you are there live (in a sense you are since you have to be online to answer back.)

- You also can implement different pop up messages that will appear underneath the video at certain points of your webinar that will prompt people to “Buy Now” if you are promoting a specific product. You will also be able to determine when you want viewers to see the message.

- You can play 2 videos at once via split screen that will play alternatively. This will let you know what video makes more money, as opposed to the ones that don’t.

- You can also send email to registered users that did not attend the original broadcast of your webinar and send them to a replay page via a personal link.

- The software will let you host your webinar pages on Mike’s server if need be or on your own server. You can generate the files your self and copy them to your website with one click of the mouse.

- Feel free to Upload as many webinars as you like.

- There is also a tracking system inside that can track your stats and will even add the Google analytics tool, so you can have both at your disposal.

There you have a handful of features included in the Evergreen software. If you want to view it live in action, please visit the following link click here.


The Evergreen Business System is overall a great automation software specifically for webinars, and as you read, it has a bunch of beneficial features. The only downfall of the software i would say is that you still have to be remotely online somewhere during your webinar to answer live questions that people ask. For the most part, all of the other features are great, and Evergreen Business Systems is one of the best pieces of software that has been released in 2011.

Please Visit the following link to visit the official site of the Evergreen Business System.